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So where should Colt Brennan go in the Draft?

Hawaii homer that I may be, I am not so unreasonable as to believe that Colt Brennan should go as the first quarterback in the draft (although I’m not a particular fan of Matt Ryan, myself).

Where, then, should he land? As far as is concerned, 8 teams have pressing needs at QB: Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Minnesota. Cities that have extreme cold/windy conditions might be tougher for Colt, so I’d throw out Baltimore, Chicago, Green Bay, and Minnesota. Atlanta will likely take Matt Ryan in the first round, so throw them out too.

That leaves Miami, who still has John Beck, and likely will be looking to pick a QB in a later round. Similar situation for Carolina, who has Delhomme but needs to start looking for a successor. Kansas City is just a mess, and has too many other needs.

Given all of this information (and the belief that someone who wants a QB will take Brennan, rather than some team just taking a flyer on making him their #3 QB), I think the best fit mutually would be for him to go to Carolina. Their passing attack is one that Brennan would fit into well, he’s a bit of a gunslinger like Delhomme, and would have talented receivers around him to help him find success.

So my official Colt Brennan prediction: Round 4, Pick 10 (109 overall), Carolina Panthers.

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University of Cowan and oLsen in Agony

it’s not a perfect fit, but it certainly seems to be case out here in Los Angeles for the “other” college football program.

as reported by the Ocho, both pseudo-starting quarterbacks Patrick Cowan and Ben Olson managed to injure themselves without actually getting hit; Cowan apparently suffering an ACL and meniscus injury (one that could be serious enough that he will miss the 2008 season) and Olson fracturing a bone in his foot.

uncle Norm Chow, late of the Titans that reside in Tennessee and still well-regarded by everyone at USC who remembers how much better he is at calling plays than Steve Sarkisian, is already complaining about the frailty of his inherited QBs, and now will be left (for the time being, at least) with three QBs who didn’t amount to much last season: Kevin Craft (DNP last season, 4 TD 6 INT in 2006), Osaar Rassan (0 TD 2 INT last year in 3 starts), and Chris Forcier (who? exactly.).

Brennan Interview on

Colt Brennan was interviewed by as a part of their lead-up to the draft. At least they recognize a player worth watching, unlike some unnamed Scouts Inc. employees named Todd McShay (oops).

Anyway, the video can be seen here.